Re-Usable Facial Wipes

Single use facial wipes are designed for removing makeup, but in order for them to be effective they are full of chemicals that contain high levels of preservatives and alcohol. These wipes are then rubbed on our delicate facial skin and these high level of alcohol can cause irritation and dryness. 

Most commercially brought single use facial wipes can also take up to 100 years to break down, so end up sitting in landfill. 

‘A good switch to make is to use re-usable, re-washable face wipes.

made from 100% cotton with flannel backing, they are super soft on your skin and if you add in your favourite cleanser or toner will safely remove all make-up, oil and dirt from the skin.

our facial wipes also come in a cotton storage bag that can also be used to wash the wipes in. 

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